Our Services – Equipping Entrepreneurs

OneMaker partners with teams that are creating businesses that train and employ women in poverty.

Teams around the world who are living and working among the poor, perhaps presently involved in relief or development projects, realize that creating sustainable businesses that employ people is the long-term solution.  Perhaps there is no one on the team with an MBA, but you know the local language and culture, have some project management or accounting or other experience and just need to fill in the gaps.

You may need someone to facilitate the development of the  business plan, help with designing a product development and marketing strategy, and even some technical skills training in jewelry making.   OneMaker can help.  We come alongside teams to help fill in the gaps, help you create a clear roadmap from where you are to where you want to be, and help you anticipate risks and threats and mitigate those for success.

We see teams attempt to reinvent the wheel and make unneccesary mistakes that have already been made many times before. There is too much at stake in time and financial investment to gamble on a venture without solid planning.  More importantly, the hopes and dreams of the women in poverty who will be part of the venture is at stake.

OneMaker can help you chart a clear path forward, sharing with you our lessons learned and best practices from the field and helping you create a clear business plan to guide you forward. OneMaker offers the following services to artisan groups providing employment to women in poverty from developing countries.

“This [3 day business seminar] has been amazing… God knew what we needed and this time. This has been very helpful, very specific to our needs, very practical – there is stuff we can take back and implement right away. It hasn’t been pie in the sky theory.” – Leader of a business to employ women leaving prostitution

“That is so out of the box…. We have more ideas about the business and the jewelry than we’ve ever had before.” – Leader of a business to employ women leaving prostitution following a product development strategy session

Business Training & Consulting – We offer customized training and consulting for leaders of businesses created to train and employ poor women in developing nations. Training can be delivered in person or through online modules. Samples of courses to be offered include:

Business Planning – Mission, Values, Management, Strategy
Financial Planning – Planning for Sustainability
Self-Assessment & Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
Marketing – Finding Your Niche – Identifying Your Market and Its Needs.
Exit Strategy – Begin with the end in mind.
Cross Cultural Management
Dealing with Corruption (Systems & People)
Product Development
Quality Control Processes
Importing to the U.S.
The Power of Social Media to Promote Your Cause and Sell Product

Strategy Sessions – We provide facilitation of brainstorming and strategic planning meetings for all stages of the business, for laying foundation at the start up of the business, or for growth of the business into new product and service offerings, or for planning an exit strategy, including change of ownership of the business.

Business Coaching – We provide ongoing coaching to support the business leaders in establishing the enterprise, creating growth or expansion strategies, and navigating difficult decisions. Coaching is offered via skype.

Jewelry Design Services – Often the business we serve have an overwhelming amount of work for the number of management staff they have. For a jewelry making business, we can take some of that work off your hands by providing outsourced jewelry design services. We can use raw materials that are easily available to your artisans and using skills that they already have.  See our Design Gallery.

Market Connections – We provide introductions to U.S. retail companies who are want to buy fair trade and want to help poor women gain skills and have income-earning opportunities.

Jewelry Designs for Non-Profit Promotion – Are you a non-profit organization that wants to promote your mission through jewelry? Jewelry is an ideal way to spread the word. As people wear the jewelry, they are mindful of your message and mission and as others ask them about the unique piece they’re wearing, they become a messenger for your organization. We can design jewelry that promotes your mission.

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