China – Women invited to leave prostitution & work in dignity.

Chinese artisan making jewelry.

The artisan group OneMaker is working with in China began following about two years of walking and praying in an area filled with brothels.  The team in China talked with the women in the brothels and listened to their stories, including all the reasons they found themselves working as prostitutes.  The team estimates there are at least 1,000 prostitutes in their city, working in brothels. 

The China team felt compelled to establish a business to enable the women to leave prostitution and work in dignity.  They have chosen to establish a jewelry making business and have found local sources of supplies to make items that reflect some traditional aspects of Chinese jewelry and use real silk to hand-wrap cord that pendants and stones hang from.

OneMaker provided three days of training, business planning and consulting on various aspects of setting up and managing the business. 

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