Afghan Women in Poverty Have Hope.

OneMaker provided the start up  service and management that launched a jewelry making artisan group in Afghanistan. The group has provided training and employment for up to 14 women at any given time. The artisan group provides income for married women with children who use that inome to support their children. Young women use their income to buy books and pay for transportation to be able to continue their education.  OneMaker also provided literacy training for the women who wanted to learn to read and write.

See a Gallery of OneMaker designs produced by Afghan artisans

Group statement from artisans: “We all are very happy with this job. It helps us to forget our family problems for the hours that we are working together, laughing and talking. When we are together we talk and learn what is going on in the world. Being together makes us brave and gives us courage to fight for our rights. When we see that our children are happy that we have money to put them in school and buy clothes for them, it makes us happy. Thanks be to God for giving us this job. Thanks to the people who try to provide work for us.”

What our work means to women:

Afghan artisan makes jewelry.

Afghan artisan makes jewelry.

“This winter was very cold…I have lots of small children. This work has enabled me to buy wood for our heater …”–Afghan artisan

“My husband has no work. We have four children and his mother is widowed with seven children. They all depend on my salary to be able to eat.” –Afghan artisan.

“My loan shark comes asking for sexual favors as interest on the loan. I want to pay off my debt so I don’t have to deal with him any more.” –Afghan artisan.

“I used to have to ask my brother for money all the time. It was humiliating and he didn’t have it to give to me. Now he asks me for money.” –Afghan artisan.

“This work has been good for my mental health…because it gives me opportunity to build friendships with other women.”–Afghan artisan

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