A Slum, a Red Light District, & Medical Clinics: Changing Lives in India

by janaharpdean on July 10, 2017

OneMaker recently awarded a church in India over $7,000 to assist with their social outreach in three areas, funds that will supply a teacher for the women’s literacy class in a slum, program coordination for outreach and rehabilitation of women working in a large red light district, and medical supplies for five medical camps to be conducted over the next year at rural Indian hospital.

An Indian Slum

This slum is home to approximately 5,100 households, 22,500 people who struggle amid deplorable living conditions—open sewers, standing water (a mosquito breeding ground), train tracks on three sides, and only eight functioning toilets.

To compound these problems, the children living in the slum have little hope of getting an education that would allow them to pass university entrance exams. Public school teachers often don’t bother to show up for work.

With OneMaker’s help, the church has launched an after-school tutoring program which now has 66 children enrolled. One young woman who has participated over the course of five years recently passed her board exams with flying colors, proof that the program can work.

Sponsored girl in India slum

Sponsored girl in Indian slum

Most women in the slum have rarely ventured beyond it. Substance abuse and abandonment often leave mothers struggling to support their households alone, yet they cannot leave daughters alone in their tiny homes because of the very real danger of sexual abuse.

The literacy program enables women to meet five days per week to learn to read and write basic Hindi. OneMaker is delighted to be able to provide a teacher for this program.

After-school tutoring in an Indian slum

Red Light District Outreach

Red Light District

Red Light District

Red light district in India

There are an estimated 2,000 sex workers working in multi-story brothels in one major city. They are comprised of:

  • Minors who have been trafficked and are being held against their will,
  • Women who were trafficked and who have earned their freedom (after more than a decade), but now have nowhere to go, and
  • Women who, with no other viable choices, chose prostitution out of desperation.

Motivated by Jesus’s command to “Love your neighbor as yourself,” (Mark 12:31), the church wants to help the women they can reach learn to support themselves by other means and see themselves as valuable, rather than being defined by their past, how others have treated them, or what they have done.

Medical Clinics

The church has responded to an invitation by a hospital in rural India to help with medical projects by making plans to conduct five medical camps at the hospital which is now dilapidated, in hopes of revitalizing it.

Medical clinic in India

Medical clinic in India

We are thrilled to be able to support these worthwhile programs and thankful for the OneMaker donors who make this strategic partnership across the ocean possible. To make a donation to support our work, click on the Donate button at the top right of this page.

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